Silhouette of a woman against sunrise and mountains


The Colorado State University Center for Mindfulness emphasizes a non-sectarian approach to mindfulness practices drawn from a variety of diverse traditions and academic disciplines.

Vision: The Center for Mindfulness is a center where we are working intentionally and collectively to create conditions that inspire personal and community transformation leading to mindful communities and fostering socially conscious, compassionate, and mindful leaders.


The Center for Mindfulness mission is to promote overall well-being in students, faculty, staff, and community members through the cultivation of mindfulness skills and practices, education, innovative research, and assessment.  This mission aligns with CSU’s teaching, research and service focus through positive contributions in:

Teaching:  Existing and emerging, new courses and programs in mindfulness are designed to promote engaged teaching and experiential learning;

Research: Research on student skills development including focus and concentration, developing emotional capacity, and improved classroom and campus climate;

Service: Community partnerships through workshops, presentations, and events centered in the fields of suicide prevention, trauma healing, stress reduction and public civility.

Definition: Mindfulness is…Non-judgmental intentional awareness of our present moment experience.