Mindfulness Events

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Fall 2023 Offerings

CSU’s Center for Mindfulness



*NEW* Mindful Movement and Sound Bath

Thursday, September 14th -2:00-4:30pm

Offered by the CSU Center for Mindfulness, this new moon wellness event will offer a harmonious blend of guided meditation, mindful movement/yoga, and a soothing sound bath. Harness the serene ambiance of the new moon energy to align your intentions, encourage rejuvenation and self-discovery, and find inner balance. This event promises to leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to embrace the new lunar cycle with intention and positivity. All experience levels are welcome. Additional information provided upon registration. Instructors: Deb Colbert, Ph.D. and Madison Polansky. Class length: 2.5 hours IN PERSON.

SPACE IS LIMITED – Please register in Bridge for this session.


Mindfulness practice: finding your inner calm

Class dates: 10/10 – 12:10 to 1 p.m. in person in Lory Student Center Room 376/378, 10/17, 10/24, and 10/31 – 12:10 to 1 p.m. in person in Lory Student Center Room 300

Instructor: Margit Hentschel

Mindful Drop-In Sessions are for students, faculty, and staff to manage stress with guided mindfulness practice techniques that are designed to help focus awareness on the present moment. “Mindfulness practices can support you with tools to reduces stressful situations, improve focus and concentration, and positively contribute to your sleep and overall well-being,” according to C4M’s co-Director, Margit Hentschel, Ph.D., who will facilitate the four October sessions. Everyone is welcome and beginners are encouraged to join these drop-in mindfulness practices. Each session is a stand-alone and no previous experience is needed. Please feel free to contact Margit Hentschel at 970-232-4273 or Debora Colbert at Debora.colbert@colostate.edu if you have any questions. No registration is required, it is free and open to students, staff, and faculty.


CSU Health Network Presentations: 

Covering a variety of wellness topics including mindfulness, stress management, self-care, and more.  Additional CSU Health Network Groups and Workshop opportunities can be found here- https://health.colostate.edu/workshops/  and here- https://health.colostate.edu/therapy-groups/

Mindfully Managing Stress for Students

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Need to get a handle on your stress? This 4-session workshop will cover 10 mindfulness practices to support your well-being.   Mindfulness is a way to train ourselves to be in the present moment with awareness, acceptance, and self-compassion. Practicing mindfulness can help us cope with difficult experiences, cultivate meaning, and boost positive emotions.  In this series we will delve into mind-body techniques which can strengthen our skills for dealing with life.  We will also have time to practice these new skills. We meet once a week and attending all 4 sessions is encouraged.  Sessions will take place at the CSUHN or on Zoom. Registration is required; space is limited. For workshop times, and to register, click here:  https://csuhealthnetwork.as.me/schedule.php


Colorado State University Health Network

The CSU Health Network is every student’s home for health and well-being at Colorado State University. The department is committed to care of body and mind to help students succeed in college and life.  All CSU students have full access to our wide range of services, regardless of their insurance plan. Learn more about our services:

·   Medical Services

·  Mental Health Services

·   Health Education and Prevention Services

CSU Health Network provides resources to help students learn how to improve mental health and well-being. Visit https://health.colostate.edu/mhwb-resources .

CSU Health Network presentation requests cover a variety of topics including stress management, mindfulness, well-being, sexual health, alcohol and other drugs and more. The descriptions of the various presentation options are on the presentation request page

The Still Point Reflection Space   is a nourishing, inclusive environment for CSU faculty, staff and students from all backgrounds and cultures. This is a space that can be used to prioritize your well-being and self-care.a place to relax, pray, meditate and reflect. You can reserve sometime in the relaxation pod and/or check out for use in the space Heart Math, biofeedback/stress reduction devices. Located on the 1st floor of the CSU Health and Medical Center, the Still Point Reflection Space is open for use during CSU Health Network normal operating hours



Zen Club Weekly Meetings

  • When: 5:30-6:30pm every Wednesdays
  • Where: Danforth Chapel (The Oval, CSU)
  • What: Zen Club weekly meetings provide an opportunity for students and community members to cultivate mindfulness, awareness and self-discipline through sitting and walking meditation. Also it occasionally brings to the campus speakers and educators of the zen meditation perspective.

*Contact Erich Stroheim (erich@rams.colostate.edu), (970) 482-3811if you have any questions